Great Expectations Ministries (Meth to Ministry)
We are a 10 Bed Faith Based Program for Men that reach out to people that struggle with drug/alcohol addiction and other life problems. We encourage people with problems of substance abuse to become responsible, acceptable and productive members of society, while showing the Love of Jesus Christ! With a variety of meetings to suit your needs, Great Expectations Ministries offers you a loving and spiritual DRUG FREE environment to start your road to recovery at great value and affordable rates. The Great Expectations Ministries team prides themselves on offering spiritual, non-religious and friendly service, that you can trust. At Great Expectations Ministries, we respect our houseguest and strive to achieve lasting relationships. Learn more about our ministry by calling us today at 256-776-4500. We look forward to hearing from you.

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7 Rose St

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256-776-4500 Fax 1-844-270-6452

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President: Scotty Guerin, CPSS

Certified Overcomers Instructor

Vice President: Sherry Guerin, CPSS

Certified Overcomers Instructor